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About author Mickey Spillane
Mickey Spillane, who writes the novels that keep this lusty dame's hot blood pumping, was born in Brooklyn on March 9, 1918.   (And yes, as of this writing, he is still alive, well -- and no doubt, living a man's life. I am thinking thick, Cubano cigars and truckloads of Viagra here, baby!!!)

Some people say his character Mike Hammer is a shameless anachronism who wears his chauvinistic snout on his sleeve and spills so much blood it's absolutely pornographic.

To them, I say, um, whatever.

Anyway, here's a short list of his novels for the uninitiated:

I, the Jury (1947)
My Gun is Quick (1950) Mmmm... is it, now?
Vengeance is Mine (1950)
The Big Kill (1951)
One Lonely Night (1951) Doesn't have to be.
Kiss Me, Deadly (1952) Oh baby, would I like to!
The Girl Hunters (1962)
The Snake (1964) Slay me with that thing, big boy...
The Twisted Thing (1966) Not half as twisted as I'd like to get with you...
The Body Lovers (1967) Mmmm-hmmm.
Survival...Zero (1970)
The Killing Man (1989)
Black Alley (1996)...

If you're ready to taste the forbidden fruit that is Mike Hammer, try this link: