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Talk dirty to me! (Feedback)
Well, now that this broad's given you a window into her desires... I'd like to  have a window into your thoughts -- on Mike Hammer, Mickey Spillane, this Web site, or the fact that Leo has yet to sprout any facial hair. (Really.)

Feel free to tell me what you'd do to Mike if you had him in a "frisking" stance. I'll post responses here in the future, even the negative ones.

As Velda the secretary would say, "Fire away, Big Boy..."

VISITOR FEEDBACK: updated 5.28.2000

r "Women, from a very young age, are taught to be deceiving and hone this skill on a daily basis. But you, you have shown me the light with your Web site! I often read Spillane to one of my girl's - to get her in the mood, and needless to say, she purrs like a cat in heat just after feeding time. After an hour of reading each night, it's time to lay down the hammer -- if ya' know what I mean. Mike's hottest lines read like a Bible and Dollface, you're talking to the converted!"
  Tomas Fluidia

Response: I couldn't agree with you more, Tomas. As Dear Abby has said plenty of times in her column (or maybe it was   Ann Landers --hell, I don't know...) The brain is the most erotic organ in the body.  Nothing makes a woman flow and glow like a passage of hot, steamy prose.  
   Mary (a.k.a. Hammerlover)
  Odessa, TX

r " ... I found Hammer (or should I say Hammer found me?) in my youth, and I haven't been able to get enough of it. I've dabbled in Spillane's other novels (Tiger Mann, etc.), but nothing compares to the Mick. It just doesn't get any better. Or bloodier."
  AOL user "PeperFatso"
   (no city, state given)

Response: When it comes to guns and guts, Mike Hammer packs both -- with gusto. Of all crime-fighting characters, even those created by Spillane himself, there is none higher.
   Mary (a.k.a. Hammerlover)
  Odessa, TX